Friday, 12 October 2007

First Thanksgiving

There is really no way to describe the pleasantly-sedated half-grin and heavy lids of a baby stuffed with Thanksgiving turkey (consumed second-hand via her mother's amazing modified sweat glands). So I'll just show it.

(Sandy and Uncle Fraser, be warned: this little one can really pack it away. You have a strong competitor-in-the-making for the holiday eating contests.)


Tz said...

OMG she looks like Pete.

Carole said...

Sorry FINALLY got around to opening a Google thing so I can post comments.

Just so delighted for you both, Kaia looks so chilled, you asked why she is so relaxed when she's getting her nails cut and her hair washed? Easy, she's secure, happy and very very loved, that is so obvious.

Much love to you all, a big cuddle and kiss for Kaia, I'm glad you liked your turkey wee pickle.