Saturday, 6 October 2007

Does anyone claim these genes?

(This post is addressed to family. However, since it's basically just a thinly-veiled excuse to post more photos showing off our newest flatmate, non-family should also be able to enjoy it.)

It's amazing. One week since she was born, and already Kaia is changing in so many ways. We continue to learn about her every day.

Her head is less funny-shaped than when she came out. The stub of her umbilical cord has fallen off, leaving a belly button that is more outie than innie. We think that might be due to Uncle Fraser.

Her head is nearly too big already for the charming purple tam her dad knitted for her. He is probably the source of that – big heads are common among the Mills.

Her hair remains delightfully dark and rich, like her mom's.

There are some puzzlers, though - traits that we can't immediately ascribe to any family members.

For example, I don't think either of us can really claim credit for her calm demeanor. She generally fusses only enough to get what she needs, mainly food and cuddles.

Here are some other genetic markers yet unclaimed. If you can let us know where else they show up in the tree of her genealogy, please share.

First, toes. Kaia was born with long legs, long feet, and long toes. We can guess pretty well where the long legs and feet come from, but do these Kaia toes really match either parent? They are not as knobbly as dad's toes, and more mobile and dexterous than mom's.

Second, Kaia's profusion of hair extends to sideburns and slightly hairy ears.

Anyone want to claim responsibility for them?

Third, certain activities that should elicit wails (or at least restlessness) are accepted without a peep. For example, nail care (with a cute little baby emery board):

and hair care (this calming effect does not extend to baths in general, just dealing with the 'do):

Such unexpected calm would normally be a blessing to parents suffering from sleeplessness. However, in this case Tim is a little worried what these behaviours might presage about Kaia's future tastes.

Do we have a high-maintenance teenager in the making? Please someone share the story of how some family member started off this way, only to become a sensible bookworm with no interest in fashion, fancy nails, or expensive coiffures!