Friday, 8 February 2008

Where have we been? (part 3 of 3)

Look who arrived just before Hogmanay (that's New Year's Eve to all you non-Scottish people).

It's Uncle John!

He seems to connect with Kaia on a very basic level.

John and Rayelle enjoyed the fireworks much closer.

No, that's not a nuclear explosion - it's a firework, at night, exploding in a cloud of smoke from previous fireworks, caught on camera by Kaia's photographically naive dad.

Fireworks everywhere (these photos are from our kitchen window, by the way - we have a great view).

We also did a bit of touring with John and Rayelle.

This is Kaia and her mom taking a break in a cafe on the Royal Mile.

And dad joining them.

Here's something in case that earlier "primal roar" image worried you.

See, they get along just fine.

Kaia has been trying out new sling carries recently - she's grown so much (just look back at our first few posts).

And here's Kaia (visible only as a hat) being carried by Tim.

We like our walks. Here we're walking with Sandra and André.

Okay, that's us caught up. Pretty much. No promises about regular posts in the future, though, because we're still quite busy. But we'll try.

Where have we been? (part 2 of 3)

Here's a funky little pose sitting up.

That amazing jungle quilt behind her was made by her Granny Liz.

Like her parents, Kaia is very fond of her sleep.

But this is a rare position for her to sleep in.

For reasons beyond our ken, she often likes to sleep like this.

Perhaps she's dreaming of a future as a flying superhero.

Deena says Kaia has my lips.

What do you think?

We flew down to Essex for Christmas this year.

Kaia really enjoyed the company of her big cousins (technically second-cousins - they are Tim's first cousins).

They enjoyed her company too.

Kaia and her dad participated in a tradition that Deena has praticed for many years.

The making of the Gingerbread House.

What do you think of our first attempt?

And of course, what Christmas would be complete without the modelling of cute, cheesy Christmas outfits

and beautiful, very-not-cheesy outfits

in which to celebrate the season with cousins.

Just so you don't think I'm picking on cousins, here's a photo of Kaia hanging out with me.

A couple of cool characters or what?

(Next installment: Hogmanay visitors!)

Where have we been? (part 1 of 3)

This is a catch-up post, with apologies to all of Kaia's fans out there. I think I'll do this in batches - look forward to 2 or 3 more catch-up posts in the next day or so.

This first photo is Kaia attending her first wedding.

Well, not her first wedding, of course!

I mean, it's the first wedding she's ever atten-... oh, never mind.

Occasionally we'll catch her in a show-off mood

and we'll get a whole series of pictures

each one with a slightly different expression

like she's posing for a professional photo-shoot.

Then she'll get this thoughtful look

and you'll think, "Are you doing something I'm gonna have to clean up?"

And she'll look thoughtful and ... active.

Yup, time for a clean nappy.

But messes are temporary.

Back in action soon.

Okay, I know this looks like she's making a rude gesture. But I promise, she's just waving her hand around. Try it yourself - it's good fun.