Thursday, 22 October 2009

A new descendent

Introducing Javan Allan Mills, who began as single cell, the union of one demi-potent gamete from Deena and one from Tim, and has been dividing and dividing for ten lunar orbits.

That one cell has become a great composite union of diversified cells united to each other by a common blueprint carried in the heart of each one. This great union emerged from his amniotic incubator on the 15th of October 2009, at 2:24 in the morning. Javan was joyfully welcomed into the home of his parents, Tim and Deena, and his sister, Kaia. He was composed of several trillion cells, weighing 4260g (9lb 6oz) and measuring 52cm long.

Here are some images of Javan with other cell composites whose blueprints have helped contribute to his (and with his sister, who shares about half of her blueprint instructions with him).
His mother, whose cell composites dramatically rearranged themselves to accommodate and facilitate Javan's embryonic cell divisions, is delighted at this first step of his toward independence.
His dad and sister are also pleased to see him as something other than a bump.
Javan's sister is eager to point out many of the more identifiable specialized sub-collections of cells - in this case, an "ear".
He has also begun exploring his world - though for the moment that is largely limited to sniffing for milk and looking around at us with infant-blue eyes.
Big sister Kaia is delighted with the opportunity to share her vast experience with her new brother, having spent two full terrestrial orbits more on the outside than he has. Granny is also a welcome presence, doting on her first grandson every bit as much as she does on Kaia.
With a great deal of luck, we will post further updates on the lives of these two descendents as they progress. However, judging from precedent, this blog will remain a birth announcement blog and little else. We hope you have enjoyed it.


Clare said...

Congratulations! The pictures are adorable.

Fraser said...

Oh happy days for the blueprint cell composite and for all similarly composed composites! It's great to see another little bundle of humanity in the family. He seems to be a good and healthy Mills-sized baby (my heart goes out to Deena). After several trips around the sun, I wouldn't be surprised if his cells organized themselves in an uber-elongated structure like those of his dad.